Descriptive Statistics

Which test / procedures? How do we decide?

July 2, 2017

With so many statistical procedures available, how do we decide which tests are best to address our research objectives? (several posts deal with this topic).   First and foremost, the decision as to which statistical procedures to apply to the data should be made BEFORE the design of the data collection instrument (e.g. the questionnaire), and not AFTER data has been collected. Plan ahead so that your analysis are entirely focused on addressing your research objectives and NOT to address your data.  Too many researchers remain guilty of waiting to see the data so they can decide what to [READ MORE]

Means, sum of squares, squared differences, variance, standard deviation and standard error

August 18, 2012

I remember how confusing these terms were to me when I started learning statistics. Let me offer a brief non-technical explanation of each: When we take a random sample of observations from a population of particular interest (e.g. all our customers), we would like to do some modelling (e.g. mean or regression) so that our sample can describe and/or predict the total population of interest. The most basic model we can use is to calculate the mean score of any given variable or construct, and then conclude that it represents the population of interest.   However, before we can use the [READ MORE]