About this blog


I believe that anybody who calls themselves a “marketing researcher” should have a good grasp of basic statistics and up to advanced analytical tools and procedures.

Through my many years as a marketing research practitioner I came across many basic concepts which researchers just don’t know, don’t think about, or just plainly ignore. So, this blog attempts to serve as quick reference for marketing researchers to selected topics of statistics and marketing research. It also covers some¬†topics of interest to me which I hope will be of interest to you.

The focus of this blogs is:

  1. reviewing interesting and often confusing statistical terms and procedures.
  2. guidelines on how to select the most appropriate statistical procedures, taking into account their data assumptions.
  3. research design, execution and reporting.
  4. discussion of contemporary topics related to social media, marketing research, applied statistics, and emerging research methodologies.
While I’m not a statistics guru, I am passionate about research, analytics and consumer behaviour. If you find anything in this blog that you are in disagreement with, lets discuss and debate. Feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting this blog and I hope you learned something new, or at least that I reminded you of something you may have forgotten or overlooked.

Happy Research!